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This Free Website Malware Scanner Checks Various Lists For Known Issues And Does An External Scan Of Your Domain For Any Perceived Malicious Links, Content And Vulnerabilities. Some Infections Are Not Perceivable By An External Scanner And Your Host May Limit Or Block An External Scanner As They Could Misconstrue An External Scan As An Attack. We Suggest You Follow This Scan Up With An Internal Scan Since ALL External Scanners Like These (And Any Other Free Ones On The Web) Are Limited.

Other free scanners will force you to enter contact information before you can see your results. Not ours! We would hope you’d reach out to us with any questions or thoughts regarding your scan.

To start, simply enter your domain below and click the Scan My Website button. It make take a few moments to return results.

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Fill out the below form to see if your website is affected by malware, blacklists, website errors, and outdated software.

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