Before working with us, you must know something.


Low Conversion Rates? Can’t Stand Them.

Shopping Cart Abandonment? Unacceptable.

Slow Load Times? No Time For That.

Poor Website Performance? Not A Chance.

We have a long list of things we won’t tolerate.

And we are good at eliminating them.

We also don’t take kindly to:

Poor Communication
Overpromising and Underdelivering
Bugs and Errors
Inadequate Support

If you can tolerate our intolerance, we want to work with you.

Jon Brennan

Jon is a retired Department of Defense contractor who has been building, programming and networking computers since the 80’s.

Before co-founding Developer Squad, he started digital integration company Noobis and eLearning company Improsive.

Prior to being a serial entrepreneur, Jon worked for and with the Department of Defense (DOD) and Fortune 500 companies including Fortune 100 Ingram Micro, the largest world-wide distributor of computer products, where for over a decade, he worked in or for all major departments in the US, Canada, and Europe, including Technical Support, IT, Sales, Customer Service, Logistics, and Training/Development.

He believes trust and fanatical customer support make Developer Squad stand out from the competition.

Mike “MJ” Brennan

Mike co-founded Developer Squad after starting Noobis Inc. in 2008. Noobis was a digital integration company that specialized in social media and created some of the first apps found on Facebook (and MySpace, yes that MySpace). Mike has worked with Fortune 500 companies, distinguished brands and popular celebrities.

Prior to Developer Squad, Mike cut his teeth in advertising sales in television after graduating Summa Cum Laude from SUNY Fredonia.

Seeing the rise of the web, Mike transitioned into Digital Media sales and has honed his skills for the emerging web at various companies. This led to forming a new partnership with his cousin Jon to create Noobis and now Developer Squad.