Jon Brennan

Co-Founder, President and CTO

Jon Brennan has been building, programming and networking computers since the eighties. Before co-founding Developer Squad, he started digital integration company Noobis and eLearning company Improsive. Prior to being a serial entrepreneur, Jon worked for and with the Department of Defense and Fortune 500 companies including Fortune 100 Ingram Micro, the largest world-wide distributor of computer products, where for over a decade, he worked in or for all major departments in the US, Canada, and Europe, including Technical Support, IT, Sales, Customer Service, Logistics, and Training/Development.

Mike Brennan

Mike Brennan

Co-Founder, Strategic Partnerships and Client Relations

Mike believes anything worth doing is worth doing well. He co-founded Developer Squad and has helped facilitate world class digital solutions over the past decade for clients such as Clorox, William Grant & Sons Distillers Ltd., and comedian Jeff Dunham. Prior to Developer Squad, Mike cut his teeth in advertising sales in television upon graduating Summa Cum Laude from SUNY Fredonia. Seeing the rise of the web, Mike transitioned into Digital Media sales and has honed his skills for the emerging web at companies such as Seevast / and

Our Team is Your Team

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” ~ Helen Keller

Success is achieved by putting together a good plan, with the right people and the skills, knowledge and experience to get the job done. We take great pride in our team and its ability to help you obtain your goals.

Professional Consulting and Development

Why not let our team help your team:

  • Secure your website.
  • Repair or upgrade your website.
  • Get the most out of your current project.
  • Navigate through the complexities of your web project or digital integration.
  • Review, recommend or enhance your hosting, database and other website infrastructure.
  • Provide a second pair of eyes to your current project or one you are thinking of starting internally or with a freelancer.


If you’re looking for the cheapest solution, you have come to the wrong place!

Many of our best customers are those who tried to hire freelancers who in the end were unreliable, learned on customer time, didn’t complete the job, did not deliver what was expected or delivered an end product that needs to be redone because of how poorly it was constructed. In other words, you get what they pay for.

Developer Squad’s mission is to increase the breadth of affordable IT service offerings to small and medium sized organizations and businesses.

With Developer Squad, you will find affordable rates and the customer service level you expect from professionals. You will also find we pride ourselves on being a perceived member of your team. Unlike many development shops and freelancers, Developer Squad will not just listen to what you need and execute. We start first by finding out your goals and purpose, then we make sure what you are asking us to do will achieve those goals. As experts, we will make recommendations as to the best approach and often bring up things you and your team probably have not thought about.

Affordable Professional Developers and Consultants

Developer Squad is a team of seasoned business consultants, system engineers and IT professionals who have come together with one simple purpose….

“To increase the breadth of affordable IT service offerings to small and medium sized organizations and businesses.”

My Website Doesn't Work

All too often we have seen many fall victim to websites that are:

  • underperforming.
  • poorly constructed.
  • full of security holes.
  • not properly maintained.
  • subject to malware injections.
  • on servers with hundreds of other sites.

Maybe it has been some time since you’ve updated or reviewed your website. Possibly you have been a victim of inexperienced or unscrupulous developers. Developer Squad specializes in quickly assessing issues or potential problems. Whether it is an emergency situation (site down, hacked, injected with malware) or a need to provide preventative, proactive advice and support, Developer Squad is the answer.


We're here to help.
Our team is your team!

Start with a Website Health Report to check security, performance and other aspects of your website. Or even use the free tools we recommend. Then contact us to talk about your results or to chat about concerns you might have, your current or next project, digital integration or anything else you’d like help with. Our team is your team!

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