About Us

 For over 15 years, our blend of coders, designers, and web aficionados have been delighting clients around the world.
We’re not just a hired team; we’ve got your back 100%, 24/7.

We’re driven by a simple goal: delivering unparalleled service. Years of experience have given us the tools and insights to understand and solve your digital challenges with finesse.

With an unwavering commitment to innovation and customer service, we’re equipped to tackle any request, no matter how unique.

Co-Founder & CEO

Jon Brennan

Jon is a retired Department of Defense contractor who has been building, programming and networking computers since the 80’s. Before co-founding Developer Squad, he started digital integration company Noobis and eLearning company Improsive. Prior to being a serial entrepreneur, Jon worked for and with the Department of Defense (DOD) and Fortune 500 companies including Fortune 100 Ingram Micro, the largest world-wide distributor of computer products, where for over a decade, he worked in or for all major departments in the US, Canada, and Europe, including Technical Support, IT, Sales, Customer Service, Logistics, and training/Development.

Co-Founder & VP Business Development

Mike Brennan (aka "MJ")

Beginning with the inception of Noobis Inc. in 2008, Mike teamed up with his cousin Jon to explore the early days of social media, crafting some of the inaugural apps on platforms like Facebook and even MySpace. His expertise isn't limited to startups; he's collaborated with Fortune 500 giants, renowned brands, and notable celebrities. Before his endeavors with Developer Squad, Mike embarked on his professional journey in television advertising sales, armed with a Summa Cum Laude degree from SUNY Fredonia. Recognizing the web's potential, he pivoted to Digital Media sales, refining his acumen across diverse platforms. This trajectory ignited the birth of Noobis and eventually Developer Squad

Ready to "Get It Done"!

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