Mxtoolbox Email Deliverability Test

The Mxtoolbox Email Deliverability Test is a valuable tool for assessing the effectiveness of your email deliverability. This test helps you determine if your emails are making it to the recipient’s inbox or getting stuck in spam filters. By analyzing various factors such as DNS records, mail server configuration, and authentication protocols, this test provides insights into potential issues that may be affecting your email deliverability. With its comprehensive analysis and actionable recommendations, the Mxtoolbox Email Deliverability Test empowers you to optimize your email campaigns and ensure that your messages reach their intended audience successfully.

In today’s digital age where effective communication through email is crucial for businesses and individuals alike, understanding how well your emails are delivered can make a significant difference in achieving desired outcomes. The Mxtoolbox Email Deliverability Test serves as a reliable resource to evaluate the health of your email delivery system with ease. Whether you’re experiencing low open rates or suspecting that some of your messages aren’t reaching their destination, this test offers valuable insights into potential roadblocks along the way. Stay ahead of the game by leveraging this powerful tool and take proactive measures to enhance your email deliverability like never before!

Test Overview

The Mxtoolbox Email Deliverability Test is a powerful tool that helps you analyze and improve the deliverability of your email campaigns. By running this test, you can gain valuable insights into how well your emails are being received by recipients’ mail servers.

Here’s what you need to know about the test:

  1. Objective: The main objective of the Mxtoolbox Email Deliverability Test is to evaluate the overall deliverability of your emails. It checks various factors that can influence deliverability, such as SPF and DKIM configuration, IP reputation, blacklisting status, and more.

  2. Test Process: The test works by simulating an email delivery process to one or more recipient addresses that you specify. It then analyzes the results to provide a comprehensive assessment of your email deliverability performance.

  3. Deliverability Metrics: The Mxtoolbox Email Deliverability Test provides several key metrics to help you understand how well your emails are performing:

    • Delivery Rate: This metric indicates the percentage of successfully delivered emails out of all attempted deliveries.

    • Spam Score: It evaluates the likelihood of your emails being marked as spam based on various spam filters’ criteria.

    • Blacklist Status: This shows whether any IP addresses associated with your domain or sending infrastructure are listed on popular blacklists.

    • Authentication Check: It verifies if SPF and DKIM records are properly configured for better authentication.

  4. Interpreting Results: Once the test completes, it generates a detailed report displaying each metric’s results alongside recommendations for improvement if any issues are identified. You can use these insights to optimize your email settings and enhance deliverability.

  5. Benefits: Running regular tests using Mxtoolbox’s tool allows you to proactively monitor and maintain good email deliverability rates. Addressing potential problems promptly ensures that important messages reach recipients’ inboxes rather than being lost or flagged as spam.

By utilizing the Mxtoolbox Email Deliverability Test, you can take control of your email deliverability and ensure that your messages reach their intended recipients effectively.

How to Use Mxtoolbox Email Deliverability Test

To make the most out of the Mxtoolbox Email Deliverability Test, follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit the Mxtoolbox website: Open your preferred web browser and navigate to

  2. Locate the Email Deliverability Test tool: On the homepage, you will find a search bar at the top. Type “Email Deliverability Test” in the search bar and hit Enter.

  3. Enter your email address: In the designated field, enter the email address you want to test for deliverability.

  4. Customize advanced settings (optional): If desired, click on “Advanced Settings” below the input field to access additional options like SMTP Timeout and DNS Lookup type.

  5. Initiate the test: Click on “Test Email Server” or press Enter after entering all necessary details.

  6. View results: Once you initiate the test, Mxtoolbox will analyze various aspects of your email’s deliverability such as SPF record validation, DKIM authentication, DMARC policy check, blacklist detection, and more.

  7. Interpretation of results: The results page will provide detailed information about each aspect tested along with a status indicating if it passed or failed. Take note of any issues flagged by Mxtoolbox that could affect your emails’ deliverability.

  8. Resolve identified problems (if applicable): If any issues are detected during testing, follow recommended actions provided by Mxtoolbox to fix them promptly.

  9. Rerun tests (optional): After resolving any identified problems or making changes to improve deliverability based on recommendations from Mxtooloxbox, consider rerunning tests periodically to ensure ongoing optimal performance.

Remember that using an email deliverability testing tool like Mxtoolbox can help identify potential problems before they impact your email campaigns. By regularly checking and optimizing your email deliverability, you can enhance the chances of reaching your recipients’ inboxes successfully.

Interpreting the Results

When you run an MXToolbox Email Deliverability Test, it provides you with valuable insights into your email deliverability. Understanding and interpreting these results can help you identify any issues or areas for improvement. Here’s a breakdown of how to interpret the different aspects of the test:

  1. Blacklist: The Blacklist section shows if your IP address or domain is listed on any known blacklists. Being listed on a blacklist can significantly impact your email deliverability as many mail servers use blacklists to filter out spam.

  2. SMTP Connect: This section indicates whether there was a successful connection between the sending server and the recipient’s server during the SMTP handshake process. A failed connect suggests potential delivery issues.

  3. SMTP Banner: The SMTP banner is what the receiving server displays when it identifies itself during an SMTP transaction. It should contain relevant information about your organization or domain.

  4. SMTP TLS/SSL: This part checks if there is encryption (TLS/SSL) in place when communicating with other mail servers over SMTP connections, ensuring secure transmission of emails.

  5. SPF Records: SPF (Sender Policy Framework) records verify that an email message comes from an authorized server by checking against a list of approved senders specified in DNS records.

  6. DKIM Records: DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) uses digital signatures to authenticate emails, confirming they come from valid sources and haven’t been tampered with during transit.

  7. DMARC Records: DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance) helps prevent email spoofing by providing guidelines for handling suspicious messages that fail SPF or DKIM authentication checks.

  8. MX Records & Reverse PTR: These records ensure proper routing and identification of mail servers responsible for accepting incoming emails for your domain name.

9Diagnostic Codes & Feedback Loop Information: If there are any delivery errors or issues, the test provides diagnostic codes and feedback loop information to help you troubleshoot and address them.

Remember that while the MXToolbox Email Deliverability Test provides valuable insights, it’s always good practice to consult with an email deliverability expert or your IT team for further analysis and guidance on improving your email delivery rates.


In conclusion, the Mxtoolbox Email Deliverability Test is an essential tool for businesses and individuals who rely on email communication. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive analysis, this test provides valuable insights into the deliverability of your emails.

By accurately assessing factors such as SPF, DKIM, DMARC, blacklist status, and SMTP diagnostics, the Mxtoolbox Email Deliverability Test empowers users to identify and resolve any issues that may prevent their emails from reaching the intended recipients. This not only ensures better communication but also helps maintain a professional image for businesses.

With its ability to improve email deliverability rates and minimize the risk of ending up in spam folders or being blocked altogether, the Mxtoolbox Email Deliverability Test is a must-have resource for anyone serious about effective email marketing or maintaining efficient communication channels. By utilizing this tool regularly, you can optimize your email delivery process and enhance overall productivity. Try out Mxtoolbox today to streamline your email campaigns and ensure maximum reach!

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