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Complete Website Protection

Automatic Malware Scanning

Get Setup In Minutes, No Hassles

Keep Your Site Clean and Secure – 24/7

$149 for a year (compare at $299+)

Monitoring and Detection

Fortify is powered by the latest website scanning technology available on the market today. Always on, it constantly is checking for any threats or vulnerabilities that could lead to an attack or infected.


Vulnerabilities are eliminated proactively and automatically.  Works like antivirus for your website. Set it and forget it website protection working 24/7.


Stay ahead of the curve. Our Squad knows what to do and communicates it well.  Join our worldwide network of servers (CDN – Content Delivery Network) that delivers your site faster to your customers.
Website Protection

Top Website Security and Protection

Daily Malware and Vulnerability Scans

Reputation Monitoring

Site Speed Boost (Content Delivery Network – CDN)

24/7 Site Uptime Monitoring

Malware Removal 2x Per Month (if required, no additional charge!)

Works On All Types of Websites

Best Value On The Market

How does Fortify work?

Fortify works as an antivirus program for your website; just like the one you have on your computer.

It scans and detects malware and vulnerabilities, cleaning up issues along the way. Keeps your site safe and online.

Fortify is up to date with known vulnerabilities and common attacks websites face. These vulnerabilities are eliminated proactively.

Advanced common attacks are blocked before they can strike:

  • Denial of Service DDOS: bot network overloading your site to take it down
  • SQL Injection: Malicious code injected to gain access to and manipulate site data
  • Cross Site Scripting: Users are infected when they visit a page which appears to be normal that is compromised

When you Fortify your website with Developer Squad,
you’re put on our worldwide network of servers
(CDN – Content Delivery Network).

This boosts the speed of your page load times which is good for your search rankings and will save web host bandwidth usage.

Our Customers Trust Fortify For Complete Website Protection

Fortify Your Site With Developer Squad Today

You protect your computer with antivirus, shouldn’t your website be protected too?

Peace of mind, security, and the expertise of our world class team
will keep your site up and your reputation intact.

Website Protection


  • Fortify Your Website
  • 15 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Only $149 for a year of protection!
    Compare at $299+
  • ----- includes -----
    Support for all browsers.
  • Malware Scan - 2x/day
  • Malware Removal - Twice Per Month
  • 24x7 Site Monitoring
  • Reputation Monitoring
  • Vulnerability Scan - 1x/day
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