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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Clean and Fix My Website?

We will determine the cause of the issue and simply move you over to our Hosting+ service.  This moves you off your current provider where the issue started and we will elimnate the infection once and for all.  

What Is The Cost?

$199 includes all the work to clean and fix your website once and for all.  Plus you'll get the benefits of all Hosting+ features (including unlimited cleanings) for one year from date of purchase.  

How Long Will It Take?

Each website is different and times may vary.  Once we start we will have a clearer picture on timing.  Some sites can be restored back to normal quickly in a few hours.  If the malware/infection/hack is serious it may take longer.  You'll receive frequent updates as we work on your site so you'll always have an idea on t

Do You Provide A Guarantee?

Yes.  If at any time you are unsatisifed with our service and process we will refund you 100% no questions asked.

Why Is This Happening To My Site?

Long story short, your web host is most likely the culprit of your infection.

Most keep your site exposed on shared servers. 

They also don't include simple sofware updates and patches that keep your site safe.

Hosting+ Is The Solution

  • Malware Removal and Cleaning Included for No Extra Charge!
  • Software Updates and Patches Included, We Do it For You!
  • Daily Backups
  • Cyber Security and Threat Monitoring
  • and much more!

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