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Be Confident Your Emails Are Delivered

New rules for email marketing began February 1st. There are 5 key items to follow, or your emails might go to spam or not get delivered at all.

You can't ignore these rules if you want to keep sending emails. We test to see if you pass the 5 new rules. 

"The World Is Not Ready For Google and Yahoo's Bulk Sending Requirements: Now Is The Time To Take Action. 33% of global enterprises have no DMARC record which automatically renders them non-compliant. "

Rahul PowarRahul PowarCEO, RedSift

Who Should Get a Test?

If you send emails to customers in any way, you'll want to make sure everything follows the new rules. Unsure if you'll pass the new requirements? Our test provides the information you need.

Our Deliverability Test works whether your are just getting started or already have updated and need to check it is working.  It works for various email senders... 

  • Small and Medium Business Owners: Make sure your email campaigns follow the latest rules.
  • Marketing Pros: Get a second opinion from a Tech Pro so your clients' emails don't get lost.
  • IT and Email Administrators: Don't think others are taking care of the new rules, know for sure.
  • Non-Profits and Educational Institutions: Guarantee your donation emails reach people as intended.
  • Ecommerce: Order Confirmation emails and more need to be checked out. Don't leave customers out of the loop. 

Things to Avoid Thinking

Don’t assume you’re okay because you:

  • Don't send many emails.
  • Use an email marketing service.
  • Have a marketing agency.
  • Use G-Suite, Exchange, or any other email service or product.

It's always better safe than sorry. Don't let your marketing emails fall through the cracks.

Do You Know Where Your Emails Are Coming From?

Before you check your email, make sure you know where your emails are coming from. You might be sending from different platforms and domains. Some things to check:

  • Direct Email – This is you or anyone in your business or group sending emails. Almost everyone has and uses this kind of email.
  • Website – Do you send emails from your website? Emails can be triggered by actions like store orders, forgotten passwords, and confirmations (like filling out a contact form or leaving a comment).
  • Email Marketing – Many people use email marketing programs such as Mailchimp, Klaviyo, Constant Contact, and more to send emails.
  • Third-Party Apps and Services – Do you use third-party services that send emails on your behalf using your domain? Examples could be CRM or Sales Lead tools.

Ready For Your Test?

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