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Developer Squad Peace of Mind Email Quality Check

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Why Do I Need An Email Quality Check?

New email marketing requirements were implemented on February 1st. These changes will impact every small, medium, or large business or organization sending marketing emails to people. The new rules dictate 5 things you must comply with or you risk emails going to spam or not being delivered at all.  This can hurt customer communications and revenue.

Our quality check will tell you if you are good with the 5 new requirements. Regardless of how many emails you send, these are best practices that will impact you whether you send 5000 emails a day or just 5. Read more about it from Google itself in this support article. Ignoring these new rules is not an option if you want to continue sending emails effectively.

"The World Is Not Ready For Google and Yahoo's Bulk Sending Requirements: Now Is The Time To Take Action. 33% of global enterprises have no DMARC record which automatically renders them non-compliant. "

Rahul PowarRahul PowarCEO, RedSift

Who Should Get A Quality Check?

If you are sending emails to customers at any capacity you'll want to make sure everything meets the new sender requirements.  Whether you are just getting started to update your email service provider settings or have done the work already and just want someone to check your work -- we've got you covered.   

  • Small and Medium Business Owners: Ensure your email marketing campaigns align with the latest guidelines.
  • Marketing Pros: Get a second opinion from a Technicial Pro so your clients emails don't skip a beat.
  • IT and Email Administrators: Don't assume others are taking care of the new requirements, know for sure.
  • Non-Profits and Educational Institutions: Guarantee your donation related emails reach their intended audience.
  • Ecommerce: Don't miss any overlooked transactional email settings that can impact marketing emails sending to spam.

Assumptions to Avoid

We know what ASS-U-ME means, so don’t assume you’re okay because you:

  • Don’t send a lot of emails.
  • Use an email marketing service.
  • Retain the services of a marketing agency.
  • Use G-Suite, Exchange, or any other email service or product.

The above does not negate the need to make sure you have all the necessary things in place. 

Do You Know What You're Sending From Where?

Before diving into checking your email deliverability, make sure you know where all your emails are coming from. You may be sending from or through multiple platforms and more than one domain or subdomain. Some common things to check:

  • Direct Email – This is you or anyone in your business or organization sending emails to others. Almost everyone has and uses this kind of email.
  • Website – Are you sending emails from your website? Some examples of things that could trigger emails from your website include store orders, forgotten passwords, confirmations (like filling in a contact form or leaving a comment), and so forth.
  • Email Marketing – Using email marketing programs such as Mailchimp, Klaviyo, Constant Contact, and others is popular and another way you could be sending emails.
  • Third-Party Apps and Services – Do you use third-party services that send emails on your behalf using your domain? Examples could be CRM or Sales Lead tools.

Ready For Your Check?

Developer Squad Peace of Mind Email Quality Check

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