Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Sign up for our malware removal service and we will get in touch with you to begin cleaning and repairing your website. You can also always chat with us or call our Threat Response team at (888) 333-8393 and someone can walk you through the process.

Once initiated, the malware removal process can take some time depending on the level of infection. Regardless, we will not surprise you with additional costs and if we can’t fix it, you get your money back. So you have nothing to lose.

Please note if you are using the One Time Fix versus our ongoing scanning and protection, we cannot guarantee your site will not be attacked and infected again. We highly recommend you not only have us clean your site but provide ongoing malware scanning and cleaning. Consider our Fortify Options or call us now at (888) 333-8393 to talk through any specifics.

Once you purchase Fortify, an email detailing the on-boarding process will be sent to you. You will be given access to our portal where you will have access to any domains that are covered by Fortify. There you can tell us your preferred way for our system to connect to your site for malware scanning and cleaning. It is highly recommended you provide SFTP/FTP access in case manual cleaning is required. If you prefer we have an option to get a file you can put in the main directory of your site. In either case, that is typically at the /public_html/ level but will depend on how your site is set up.

For those who have elected to get Fortify Plus, our portal provides access to settings to enhance your site security and performance.

There are informational tool tips provided in the portal as well as online chat support. If you require more hands on assistance, we do have phone support available.

Although the one time removal has a money back guarantee that we will clean your site of malware, there is no protection after it is cleaned unless you get Fortify. We highly recommend upgrading to Fortify versus the one time removal so you can get continued scanning and protection.

Through our portal you can have access to all your sites but each website and subdomain has to have it’s own Fortify license as the ongoing malware and vulnerability scanning is by domain or subdomain.

Fortify uses four state of the art technology elements that work together to give real-time updated protection. These include:

  • CSOC (Cyber Security Operations Center) that monitors over 9 million endpoints 24x7x365
  • CDN (Content Delivery Network) with 29 points of presence allowing for:
    • more local point of presence (faster delivery of content)
    • ability to disperse large influx of traffic to alleviate any potential overloads (upwards of 2TB of traffic)
  • WAF (Web Application Firewall) providing ongoing active protection of the website including OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) rules and CMS (Content Management System) specific scanning (i.e. WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and others)
  • SIEM (Security Information Event and Management) that puts all of it together by providing real-time updates to the WAF based on all the ongoing malware scanning and continuous monitoring via our live agents watching the CSOC endpoints and CDN traffic

Upgrading and configuring Fortify Plus will enable you to take advantage of our comprehensive security, protection and performance system.

If you ordered the one time cleaning, if we can’t clean your site we will refund your purchase in full. We highly recommend upgrading to the Fortify or Fortify Plus to avoid re-infection. If you are not using wither and you get infected again after our one-time cleaning, we will not refund your money. If you have been infected, the chances of reinfection still exist. Fortify is the only way you can make sure you stay clean of malware.

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