Free Website Testing Tools

There are a lot of great tools on the web that can help you analyze and determine performance and security of your web presence. We have compiled some of our favorites for your convenience.

Analyzing Results

Using these tools might leave you with more questions than answers. We’re here to help make sense of the test results. Contact us today for help with any concerns that may have been raised by these tools or order our Website Health Report which will provide you with a clean, concise report of your website health.

Are You Clean?

VirusTotal, acquired by Google in 2012, has over 60 engines that monitor sites for malicious activity. Check if your site is clean and free of malware, phishing or other unwanted activity.


There’s more to your web presence than your website. What is the reputation of your site and IP? If you don’t have a good reputation, just like in the real world, no one will want to visit you.

Shared Server Info

Do you know who your neighbors are? If you’re on a shared server, you could be sharing space with porn sites, spammers and who knows what else. Find out here.

Who Is Information

Your domain name is your address on the web. Knowing who the administrative and technical contacts of your domain is important. Make sure you own and manage the rights to your domain.

SSL Test

What grade does your SSL configuration get? The SSL Server Test provided by Qualys SSL Labs provides a complete, deep analysis of a web server’s SSL configuration.

Mobile Friendly Test

Mobile friendly websites are not only good for your site visitors, they will help your search ranking. So why not ask Google if your website mobile friendly?  This test will do just that.

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